About Us

Barksdale Dental Laboratory is a family owned business that has been bringing quality restorations to clients for thirty five years. The main office is located in the prestigious Jetplex Industrial Park in Huntsville, Alabama, with several satellite operations positioned throughout the Southeastern United States. The team of experienced technicians work diligently to maximize marginal integrity, axial and occlusal function, and esthetic brilliance for each case. Barksdale is a progressive company, investing in new technology and products to give clients groundbreaking innovations in the industry. Additionally, Barksdale is an accomplished business, having received several Smile Gallery Awards throughout the years. In an industry burdened by outsourcing, Barksdale is persistent, and makes every restoration in the USA.

Meet Our Staff

Steve Barksdale


The son of a dental assistant, Steve Barksdale began his work in the dental technology industry at nineteen years of age. He began as a pickup and delivery driver for a local dental lab. His determination made him a prime candidate for a position as a technician. With tenacity, he learned a vast amount in a short period of time. The birth of his first child stirred something in him: he desired to provide for his family. This was the foundation of Barksdale Dental, and it has grown exponentially from humble beginnings. Steve has a sincere love and passion for the work. “If I only had a small operation in my basement, this is still what I would do.” Steve is often admired by his employees. He is extremely hard working, capable, and fully engaged in the daily function of the lab.

Bobby Kenney

Removables Manager

Bobby Kenney was a young adult when a close friend introduced him to the art of making dentures. He instantly fell in love with the business and has been a dental technician for almost eighteen years. With over twelve years of chairside experience, he has been able to improve his techniques at the bench along with diagnosing cases with restorative dentists and Surgeons. Bobby expanded his knowledge on implant hybrids, both surgical and restorative in Florida with a group of Oral Surgeons. In his time in Florida, Bobby has performed over a thousand same day surgical conversions. Bobby’s passion for quality to detail and care for patients is what drives him to continue education in his field.  

Jesse McDonald

Lab Manager

Jesse McDonald is a dedicated, motivated laboratory manager. He began in the industry as a model and die technician in 1987, working his way through college in pursuit of a degree in Computer Information Systems. Not long after his graduation, he decided to follow his passion, and continued his work for a local dental laboratory. In the early 1990’s, he became an employee of Barksdale Dental Lab. Under Steve’s instruction, Jesse became a well rounded, knowledgeable ceramist. He then received his certification, and eventually landed his current position. Jesse is a tireless laborer (frequently the last soul in the building), and an impressive example to others in both his professional and personal life.