Crowns & Bridges

crowns and bridges image copy

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Porcelain to Base Metal

Noble Bond-metal included

Porcelain to Noble

Porcelain to Hi-Noble White

Porcelain to Hi-Noble Yellow


Full Cast Restorations

Cast Crown/Inlay-non precious (metal included)

Gold Crown semi-precious (plus alloy)

Cast Crown precious white or gold (plus alloy)


All Ceramic

e.max crown/veneer – pressed (Stained/Glazed)

e.max cown/veneer (Layered Porcelain)

e.max inlay/onlay (Stained/Glazed)

IPS Empress Cosmo Post

Cristobal Restorations


Zirconia Restorations

(porcelain applied will be dictated by shade)

Barksdale’s Best Vivid Full Contour Zirconia

(Anterior aesthetic zirconia)

Barksdale’s Best Vivid Lingual w/ porcelain facial

Zirlux Full Contour Zirconia

Zirlux Layered Porcelain


Additional Services

Diagnostic Wax-up

Custom Shading (in office)

Metal Occlusal

Metal Try-in (per Unit Plus Metal)*

Porcelain Application After Try-in

Porcelain Butted Margins

Porcelain Repair

Shade Change (Strip/Rebuild Per Unit)

Reduction Coping

Cast Post Direct (Plus Metal)*

Cast Post Indirect (Plus Metal)*

Construct Crown Under Partial

Duralay Clasp

Rest for Partial Design (Per Unit)

Survey and Design for Partial (Per Unit)

Laser Welding

Telescopic Coping (Plus Metal)*