Dental Implants

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Implants & Precision Attachments

Barksdale features cast custom abutments along with a variety of Cad/Cam designed abutments available in a variety of implant platforms.

All Implants at Market Cost Plus Labor

Custom Abutment Labor (metal extra)

Prepare Stock Abutment (labor)

Atlantis Custom Cad/Cam Titanium Abutment

Atlantis Cad/Cam Gold Hue Abutment

Atlantis Cad/Cam Zirconia Abutment

Soft Tissue Model

Verification Jig (1-2 units/3-4 units)


Cad/Milled Bars

Includes all labor, model analog, and your choice of attachments:

Cad/Cam Milled Titanium bar (per implant)

Cad/Cam Milled Hybrid Titanium bar (per implant)