Micro-CT scanning improves the accuracy and fit of impressions, resulting in precise restorations and fewer remakes. Dentists can continue their current impression-taking process and use micro-CT scanning for better results. The Virtual Plaster Experience (VPX) replaces traditional plaster models with high-precision digital models for checking restoration fit. This streamlined process is faster, more consistent, and eliminates exposure to physical impressions.

Micro-CT scanning is an essential part of Barksdale Intelligent Manufacturing, enabling digital conversion of impressions for efficient restoration production. The success of the Micro CT-X-Ray Scanner lies in its versatility for quality control, examining detailed designs to ensure an accurate fit, and detecting manufacturing defects or errors. 

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The role of physical impressions in dental cases remains significant, but the introduction of CT scanning has opened a portal to the world of digital dentistry. This innovative technology provides sharper and more well-defined study models, all within the convenience of the virtual realm. At Barksdale Dental, we strongly believe that with the necessary technology already in place at Barksdale, it is the dentists we serve and their patients who stand to benefit the most from this exciting evolution in dental care. If you're eager to experience the advantages of model-free restorations, we warmly invite you to send us a case today.

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