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an affordable alternative to pfms & zirconia

IPS e.max is a cutting-edge, all-ceramic restoration option that offers superior esthetics and performance compared to metal-based restorations. It combines Lithium Disilicate and Zirconium Oxide to provide exceptional esthetics, versatility, and proven strength. With a structural strength of up to 400 Mpa, IPS e.max is an excellent choice for translucency requirements.

Unlike PFM restorations, IPS e.max is a single unibody material that doesn't require debonding, ensuring durability. It also has natural wear characteristics and is non-abrasive to natural dentition. Additionally, IPS e.max eliminates the cost of metal, making it a cost-effective alternative to PFM. It's important to note that IPS e.max microstructure offers increased strength and full contour esthetics.

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