Fixed restorations were the foundation of Barksdale Dental Lab upon its inception. Our crown and bridge technicians use either traditional or digital techniques to create these restorations. We still apply porcelain by hand to our porcelain fused to metal (PFM) and porcelain fused to zirconia (PFZ) crowns. The benefit of this process is true depth and exact color match, as well as strength for reduced occurrences of fracturing. Every restoration is crafted under a high powered microscope for the utmost accuracy and precision!


We specialize in work with custom abutments along with a variety of CAD/CAM designed and milled abutments. We work with every implant system on the market. The focus for this department is on customer service, communication, and collaboration with our clients: three aspects of business dealing which set our implant team up for success.


Our removable team is experienced and knowledgeable. We strive to manufacture excellent dentures and partials with phenomenal fit and function; we use superior materials and processes to achieve excellence. We are pleased to offer printed dentures as well as removable appliances made using traditional means. Additionally, everything is made in-house, so technicians are available to discuss your case at any time.

Signature Restorations

Barksdale Dental Laboratory is pleased to offer our Signature line in a variety of restorations, including e.max, zirconia, and porcelain fused to metal. Signature cases feature our exclusive high end restorations crafted by specially trained technicians using only the finest materials, and our signature crowns and bridges are fabricated using a multi-layer technique that produces enhanced chroma and highly enhanced opalescence.