What Sets Us Apart

The Barksdale Experience

Barksdale Dental is a full-service laboratory and we have provided our dental clients with high-quality restorations and service for over thirty-five years. Our goal is to be the most responsive dental laboratory available,  illustrating that differences do exist between dental laboratories.

The Barksdale Experience is the answer to your laboratory needs. Lets us demonstrate what differentiates us in the industry by allowing us to partner with you in a long-term business relationship. Learn why the Barksdale Experience is great for you and your patients:

  • No Outsourcing! Cut out the middle man and get products faster!
  • Excellence is Our Standard! Each restoration and appliance undergo a hyper-critical quality check at various stages in the process to ensure proper fit and function. Our focus remains on quality over quantity.
  • A Personal Touch! Several of our top technicians are available to speak with you in our office or yours regarding material selection recommendations, high profile cases, and other concerns.