case list guidelines

To ensure effective communication for cases involving six or more units, kindly follow these guidelines:


  • Pre-Op Models
  • Photos (Pre-Op, Temps & Facial w/ Symmetry Bite)
  • Bite Registration
  • HIP Reference, Stick Bite, or Other Cranial Reference
  • Preparation Shade & Photos
  • Clear & accurate master impressions
  • Impression of patient-approved provisional restorations or mock-up
  • Clear photos of all required shots
  • Laboratory prescription with all pertinent case information
  • Final shade

After completing these steps, please use the Customer Portal link at the top of this page to attach all the information to your case.


  • For facial view photos, ensure they capture the area from the hairline to the chin.
  • Position the shade guide directly beneath the actual tooth or preparation in the photo, ensuring the shade tab is visible for reference.
  • Include essential patient details such as shade, shape, measurements, and any patient concerns on the lab slip.
  • If you require additional photography support, please don't hesitate to contact Barksdale Dental Laboratory to set up a custom shade-taking appointment for your patient.

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