Implant-Supported removable denture



An implant-supported removable denture, also known as an overdenture, is created using CAD/CAM technology and can be easily taken out by the patient. It involves the use of a bar that is implanted, and the denture is constructed with internal attachments that connect to the bar, resulting in both aesthetic and functional benefits.

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An implant-supported prosthesis relies entirely on dental implants for support. This type of restoration can either be fixed (screw-retained) or removable (attachment retained). With a screw-retained implant-supported overdenture, only a clinician can remove it, whereas an implant-supported attachment retained prosthesis can be removed by either the patient or the clinician.

In some cases, fixed-detachable implant prosthetics may require a mesostructured component, such as a cast metal framework, to reinforce the acrylic resin.

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