porcelain fused to metal


the gold standard to repair damaged teeth

PFM is still a predictable, tried and true option for dentists who want a combination of both durability and esthetics. At Barksdale, we use state of the art CAD/CAM software to design all metal copings.

We digitally compute cement space, automatically detect the margin, determine undercut area, and optimize porcelain support. This technology has elevated our PFM department and provided our clients with a superior Barksdale PFM restoration.

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new alloy with a decade of successful history!

Cobalt-chromium (Co-Cr) alloy has been widely used for metal-ceramic fixed prostheses for more than a decade worldwide due to its biocompatibility. With the ability to mill extremely precise parts with precision milling, Barksdale is introducing Chrome Cobalt as an excellent alloy alternative. This alloy is very strong and free from nickel and beryllium.

All Porcelain Fused to Cobalt restorations will be fabricated with the same advanced CAD/CAM laser based 3D printing technology, which yields extremely precise, thin margins, a minimum of porosities, and precisely controlled designs. You can expect greater accuracy and predictability with our new PFM alloy.

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