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Barksdale Dental Lab has a long, successful history with Full-Cast Gold restorations which have been the preferred choice for clinicians because of its longevity and functional properties. With precious, semi-precious, and non-precious metal options, gold properties remain a proven material choice for a broad spectrum of clinical needs.

In addition to being non-corrosive and hypo-allergenic, gold is the most non-toxic and biocompatible metal used in dentistry. gold margins do not break or chip, even with polish and wear. Since gold's wear rate and coefficient of thermal expansion is very similar to enamel, it more easily accomplishes a better natural function. Oftentimes, less tooth structure is removed when preparing teeth for gold, which leaves the tooth stronger and healthier overall.

At Barksdale, we use the latest technology to design our gold restorations and we source alloys from dependable domestic suppliers.

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